Yann Couvreur US

Meet the chef Yann Couvreur

Yann Couvreur and his two friends, Jordan Zeitoun and Benjamin Guedj, created Yann Couvreur Patisserie in 2015. Yann Couvreur took a bold step by opening his first pastry shop bearing his name, leaving the restaurant industry to serve customers directly. Now, anyone can experience the luxury and traditional craftsmanship offered by the approachable patisserie. Today, the patisserie stands as an homage to French tradition and determination to pursue his passion, inspiring others to do the same.

Meet the chef Yann Couvreur: With pleasure as his only guide, Yann Couvreur is revolutionizing the classic pastry world. Art, travel, and encounters are an infinite source of inspiration. As an architect of taste, he sublimates natural flavors and plays with textures to offer a multitude of emotions and sensations. Simplicity is the most sophistication.

Yann Couvreur US

Patisserie Philosophy

Chef Yann Couvreur is known for his luxury approach on classic desserts, made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and free of artificial flavors or preservatives.

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Yann Couvreur US

Meet the Fox :

Yann Couvreur chose the fox as a symbol closely tied to his brand. As a young boy growing up, he lived on the edge of a forest in Paris where he used to encounter a playful red fox in the woods. He began to identify with the animal - its mystery, its elegance, even the red hair they both shared. The fox foraged for food and feasted on berries, fruits, plants, and more which has inspired part of his work as a pastry chef today. The symbol of the fox represents elegance and surprise, which embodies the meticulous artistry and imaginative flair found in Couvreur’s creations.